Brigand image (Zbojnický obrázek)

  • The performance includes song and dances that originated at the time of boom of shepherds and brigands (bandits) in the mountains near the village of Kozlovice. 
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In Harabish´s tavern (V hospodě u Harabiša )

  • The performance includes games and dances that were seen, heard and written by composer Leoš Janáček around 1895. It consists from boys games and figural pair dance at tavern.

Pasácké zvrtky - twisty pair dance.

Czardas (Gruňský čardáš)

  • Solo twisty dance from border between Moravia and Slovakia.

Czardas (Čierny orech)

  • Brisk girls dance from border between Moravia and Slovakia.

Čeladenský, Koval

  • Brisk figural dances from Kozlovice´s surroundings. 


  • figural pair dance  

Pasala volky, Černá vlna

  • figural pair dance