Our folk ensemble Valašský Vojvoda (Wallachian Vojvoda) was created in the village of Kozlovice in 1970. It built upon the tradition of dance groups and folk music bands, including dulcimer bands, that had existed in the villages around Ondřejník, a mountain in the northern foothills of the Beskydy mountain range. We chose our name after the once-famous Wallachian voivodas, originally military and later civil leaders of the Wallachs and administrators of the villages and sheepfolds, who had resided at several places of the Beskydy region. In the territory of the Hukvaldy manor, a lineage of Wallachian voivodas had resided precisely at Kozlovice for 200 hundred years (1565-1764). During those centuries, Wallachian colonization from Rumania was penetrating along the Carpathian arc into our area, with its lifestyle and culture, including songs, dances, customs, folk costumes and architecture. Numerous sheepfolds appeared in Beskydy amid Wallachian pastures, where thousands of sheep grazed providing means of subsistence to local dwellers.